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Still on the Journey December 5, 2011

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So I’ve had a few comments on this blog recently that really surprised me as I didn’t think anyone read it. Thank you for your comments and words of encouragement, they mean a lot! I can’t believe that I haven’t updated since March! Unacceptable! Especially since so much has happened since then.

In July we had our first cycle of IVF, which was unfortunately unsuccessful.  I think that I put off a post on that because there is no way to adequately describe that kind of heartache. I had a very hard time with IVF. I was sick and bedridden for most of it. I threw up every day and was just miserable.  The progesterone shots left me with huge bruises and unable to walk, until my wonderful hubby figured out the best way to give them. For anyone out there wondering what that was, the thing that worked best for me was to warm the side getting the shot with a heating pad for a little bit and then warming the vial under my arm pit for a couple of minutes to thin it out and then while lying down on my side with my muscles loose, Matt would just very quickly jam the whole thing in! I very rarely felt anything. Slowly release the progesterone into the muscle and then when done massage it really good.

So we had our egg retrieval and were very disappointed to find out that we only had 3 embryos mature and survive. We recieved a call from our nurse that it was looking like none of our embryos would survive to day 5 for a transfer. But 2 did. Our little fighters. At that point I really thought that it was going to all work out. We went in, had 2 embryos transferred over and went home for some more bed rest! The next week I went in for my betas. The day of my 2nd beta I got up and went in super early so they could get the results back to us early that day. Well my coordinator was not in that day so we kind of slipped between the cracks. After calling our clinic 3 or 4 times that day, we finally got a call back at 4:30 that afternoon with the results that they were both negative.  I remember just immediately bursting into tears. We texted our family and friends the bad news and we just laid in bed and held each other and cried for hours.

A couple of weeks later we met with our RE who informed us that looking back at the embryos we had there was no possible way we would’ve gotten pregnant. They just weren’t of high enough quality. I was pretty pissed to have gotten that information after everything we went through. It would’ve been nice to have gone into it a little more cautiously optimistic. Anyway, he ordered more blood work so I went in and had 17 1/2 vials of blood drawn and every test came back negative. We made the decision to not do another cycle right away and instead took a much needed vacation to Maui!

I’m so ready to go back! But more then that I’m ready for a baby. We gearing up for IVF #2 here in a few months!


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