Destination Parenthood

The journey of infertility and what it sometimes takes to become a parent

February 11, 2011

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Wow! No posts since May! True to my word we took a step back to breathe and re-group and it was SO needed! We spent the past 8 months still “trying” but not with any help from doctors or drugs. We spent the time traveling a lot. We went to NYC, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Seattle and Mexico. We had a blast; but its time to get serious again.

Yesterday we had our first appointment over at the Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine or SIRM. It was a very informative meeting but also a tough meeting. All along Matt and I had been planning to only pay for 1 round of IVF at a time and take it cycle by cycle. However we’re actually not that likely to get pregnant on our first cycle of IVF. We’ll have a 60% chance, compared to 85% if we do it 2 or 3 times. So we decided to go with a package that will allow for 2 fresh cycles of IVF and one frozen cycle.  We feel really good about our decision the downer is that we need about $10,000 more dollars before we can start. So we’re looking at July or August for our first cycle of IVF. Yesterday I had a lot of trouble with that. I was hoping to do the April cycle but it just isn’t going to work out but that’s OK. Matt and I are pretty good waiters at this point. Its hard to believe that by the time we do IVF we’ll have been trying for 4 years! How insane is that?!

Until then I’m looking forward to Valentines day coming up, which just so happens to be our 8 year anniversary. And come May we’ll have been married for 5 years! I seriously Love my man…I’m a lucky girl!




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