Destination Parenthood

The journey of infertility and what it sometimes takes to become a parent

Pin Cushion April 27, 2010

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When I was little I would sit and watch my mom sew. While she was busy making me a new dress or costume I would play with the pin cushion, taking the pins out and putting them back in over and over. There was some resistance when sticking a pin in a fresh spot, and then I’d pull it out and there would be a little hole left behind.  This is exactly how my abdomen looks right now…just like a pin cushion full of little holes (only I bruise also).  I’m on day 6 of my Follistim injections and I can’t wait for them to be over.  At first they didnt hurt, but they’re starting to a little more each night.  Thankfully, I think tonight is my last night.  I went for my first ultrasound monday morning and had several eggs they just need to grow some more. So Dr. W upped my dosage on the Follistim and gave me another cartridge. I go back tomorrow morning for another ultrasound and hopefully the eggs will be big enough to do the IUI on Thursday or Friday.  I’m planning to stay in bed all day on IUI day to help myself relax and also to help gravity out a little bit..I figure it can’t hurt! Matt and I have our fingers crossed and have been saying our prayers that God blesses us this month.  Infertility is so straining. I’m just so glad that I have such a wonderful husband, its truly brought us closer together instead of causing us to drift apart. I know that if we can make it through infertility and come out on the other end together then there isnt anything we can survive. I love you babe, thank you for all of your support and encouragement.


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