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The journey of infertility and what it sometimes takes to become a parent

Bad Day April 15, 2010

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I’m having a bad day today and feeling sorry for myself.  Today or tomorrow I will be starting my Follistim injections to get ready for the final IUI using the IVF drugs.  I’m just so frustrated and sick of all of this.  I’m sick of seeing pregnant people and especially sick of hearing pregnant people complain about being pregnant.  If only they knew how lucky they are!!  I’m not ready for that crap my body is going to go through because of the IVF drugs.  I dont do well on any medications and the infertility drugs have proven to be especially hard on me. 

It’s so unfair!! I know I sound like a 5 year old and you’re probably thinking “Lifes not fair Ashley” and I know that, but its hard to think like that right now.  It’s hard to think like that when I see 2 young girls in the car behind me both smoking cigarettes with an infant seat in the back.  It’s a guarantee that that was an unplanned pregnancy unless they were part of some crazy high school pregnancy pact (Thank you Lifetime) and they dont give much thought to the fact that they have a baby.  They were given the ability to get pregnant and birth a child and they’ve totally taken that for granted!! That Pisses me off!!

GRR! Rant Over!

Wish me luck on my next IUI. You may also want to wish the next complaining pregnant person I encounter good luck as well, I’m a woman on fertility drugs and can’t be held responsible for my what comes out of my mouth!


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