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1 more IUI March 2, 2010

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Matt and I met with Dr. W today to discuss our options going forward. We could either do 1 more IUI with a stronger drug or move along to IVF. We were ready to say lets just go ahead and do IVF when Dr. W told us we could get the Follistim free….FREE People! That is something that NEVER happens in Infertility land.  Needless to say we jumped at the chance. Getting the Follistim for free saved us about $1,000! Isn’t that insane!

Unfortunately we can’t do the IUI until April because we’ll be traveling during the time we would need to do the IUI. That’s ok though, it’s nice to have a little break. Because once the break is over its injection time; and this time it’s about 5 days instead of just 1!

In other news we decided not to move.  Our contingent contract fell through on the other house because of another offer so we just decided to stay put for now.  The good news with that is now we can use the money we had put away for buying/selling towards IVF! Right now I’m just ready for NYC…there better not be any snow when we get there!!

~ Ashley


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